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About US

Pars Delijan Factory Complex

Complex of Pars Delijan Factory in 2011 with the goal of producing various types of products from Polymer and Polystyri materials located in Delijan Industrial Park in a land with an area of 50,000 square meters and annual capacity of 25 thousand tons. In its new phase, it started producing various film and sheet products. Polymer sheet in single-layer and multi-layer and laminated in a variety of colors, thickness and various faces, and has been able to identify itself as a leading manufacturer of high quality, efficient and high technology in the world. Product introduces.

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The Pars Complex complex has been able to enjoy the most advanced machinery and technology under the license of the world and with the cooperation of experienced European and Iranian experts with world standards for the first time in Iran in the field of film (foil) and sheet (Sheet) And has made the country needless to import such products

  • - Production of one and multi-layer hygienic sheets
  • - Offer products in different colors
  • - Production in different widths and thicknesses
  • - Providing products in 3 and 16 inch cubes
  • - Production and presentation of products

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